Keep communal areas sparkling with our green strata cleaning service. With eco-friendly products and technologies, we’ll ensure that your premises is happy, healthy and hygienic, and create a safe and inviting space for residents and visitors.

Combing years of experience with an engrained passion for what we do, our Delux Building Management Group cleaning service has been designed to ensure that your exact business requirements are always met and exceeded. After all, we have come to understand that every business is different, requiring different levels of cleaning strategies and methods – it certainly keeps us on our toes!

But above all, we believe that the recipe to our success is through effective communication, professional execution and of course, the level of expertise of our passionate team of green cleaners.

Offering a comprehensive range of high quality green commercial strata cleaning services, we will ensure that your business environment is clean, green and inviting but importantly, that it complies with all health and safety regulations management.

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